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Online dating flaky women

What I like progress; you’re spinning your wheels and pretending you’re moving.

Reading dating advice blogs means nothing if you’re not going out and putting it into practice.

I’m just saying that this week), I’m making the conscious decision that playing a video game was more important to me than getting eight hours of sleep.

In that moment, I’ve decided that “one more side-quest” is worth feeling like ten pounds of ass in a five pound sack the next day.

But whenever we take on a new goal – whether it’s trying to improve your social skills, start a new exercise regimen, train for a marathon, write a novel, whatever – we do so without stopping to think about how we’re going to fit this into our lives. This is what’s known as the “opportunity cost”; you’re making the decision between two mutually exclusive options, understanding that the potential gain from one option is price of the other.You’re going to have your dream career as a game designer, cranking out the next AAA title that’s going to be the talk of E3!But none of that’s going to happen unless you actually You know: all the hard work and literally thousands of hours of effort it takes to actually achieve your dreams. To give a personal example: for a very long time, I wanted to be a professional freelance artist – writing and drawing comics, creating storyboards for movies, book covers, the works! I had a website, a kick-ass portfolio and gumption to spare.It’s not progress until you’re actually producing, .Your shitty first novel sitting in a desk drawer is infinitely superior to somebody else’s planned epic.

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You know one of the things I hear the most when I’m teaching people about what it takes to get better at dating?